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You don't have to live with painful, unsightly varicose veins.
Vein Clinics of Arkansas provides a safe and effective treatment that is virtually pain-free!
Using the latest technology, Vein Clinics of Arkansas can remove the cause of your pain with an out-patient procedure that causes little to no discomfort and has dramatic results leaving you looking and feeling your best!

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"Varicose veins hurt. They burn and ache and sting. Our solution is a minimally invasive procedure that provides lasting results!" Find out more today!

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are diseased veins that have become enlarged as a result of an abnormal collection of blood and often appear swollen. As the pressure builds, the veins can eventually bulge to the skin's surface creating a varicose vein; however, the same process can affect smaller veins, typically known as spider veins.

Causes and Risk Factors

The number one cause of varicose veins is heredity; however, the following factors can increase a person's chances of developing diseased veins:

If left untreated, the following risk factors could apply when experiencing varicose veins:


Varicose veins can make it difficult to participate in your favorite activities. The following symptoms are commonly seen with those suffering from varicose veins:

Test and Diagnosis

Each case is unique. That is why Vein Clinics of Arkansas provides an in-depth evaluation for their patients before choosing an effective treatment plan based on your individual needs. Treatments available include:

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